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Food and Drink: Low Calorie Article Category Healthy Meal of the Week 16 With Healthy Leftover Idea by Gregory L Gomez Here’s a meal to get everyone in the mood for the upcoming holiday – baked ham with a tasty apricot/pineapple glaze, mixed vegetables, and mashed potatoes. You actually may enjoy this glaze so much that you’ll use it for your main dish next Thursday or whenever else you may want to prepare a ham or turkey. Give it a try to see what you think. It’s really simple to make and takes less than 10 minutes. To top it off, using just one slice of baked ham along with a healthy whole wheat wrap, you can quickly make so you’ll have for lunch the following day. Diet Plans – 3 Deadly Mistakes That Can Sabotage Diet Plans by Roxanne Batson If you’re on a diet right now you are probably looking to lose a few pounds, but watch out. There are 3 deadly mistakes that kill diet plans and are easy to make, turning a healthy diet and even healthy recipes into one that actually harms our bodies. Healthy Meal of the Week 15 With Healthy Leftover Idea by Gregory L Gomez Here’s a great way to enjoy a pork chop meal at an appropriate amount for a dinner serving. Remember, just because you’re striving to lose weight does not mean you have to give up everything you enjoy. If you manage the portion size and maintain self-control, there’s no reason why you can’t have a meal that tastes great and leaves you feeling satisfied. Follow the steps below and you will have an appropriately portion sized meal for you and your family. Healthy Meal of the Week 14 With Healthy Leftover Idea by Gregory L Gomez Healthy meal of the week 14 with leftover idea too. Check out this spicy tuna salad and you won’t even miss the mayo which has 100 calories per tablespoon. A healthy twist on a common favorite! Ode to Sauerkraut by David W Boothe To many, sauerkraut is that oh so typical German dish. Yet in its day, this dish came about to preserve the extra cabbages grown during the harvest season. Healthy Meal of the Week 13 With Healthy Leftover Idea by Gregory L Gomez Here’s another healthy meal of the week, it’s a family recipe provided by my father so it gets the title of Tom’s Beef Stew along with a leftover idea too! How does stew quesadillas sound afterwards for a great easy meal-to-go? You can do it, just follow the step-by-step directions in this healthy meal of the week. Is Your Drink Making You Fat? by Tiffany Sadie Daniels Is the drink in your hand contributing to the bulge around your middle? Sorry to say, but your favorite wine is definitely doing just that. Any glass of wine contains an equal amount of calories a small chunk of chocolate does, and one pint of larger matches the calories in a pack of salty crisps. Healthy Meal of the Week 12 With Healthy Leftover Idea by Gregory L Gomez Healthy meal of the week 12 is orange chicken with broccoli along with brown rice. Makes a great healthy leftover meal too! Healthy Meal of the Week 11 With Healthy Leftover Idea by Gregory L Gomez Healthy meal of the week 11 with leftover idea! Here’s a slightly alternative way to enjoy a healthier version of pasta with spicy sausage chunks. Give it a try and see what you think. You Want To Reduce The Stress In Your Life, And You Want To Eat Healthier? Here’s How! by Julie Karla You want to reduce the stress in your life, and you want to eat healthier? Most people would say yes to this question, but how do you come up with great dinner ideas and cook them when you have to work that 8 to 5 job? How To Become Strong Like Popeye Eating Spinach! by Julie Karla Many of us are trying to eat healthier meals, substituting salads for soups and other lunch or dinner favorites. What quite a few people overlook, though, is the benefit of using spinach for your salad instead of other leafy greens. What you don’t know is that spinach may save your life. It makes a delicious salad and offers twice as much fiber as other greens, filling you up faster and still providing you a myriad of health benefits. Healthy Meal of the Week 10 With Healthy Leftover Idea by Gregory L Gomez Here’s the next healthy meal of the week putting a spin on an American classic. Enjoy the savory taste of these turkey bacon cheeseburger lettuce wrap. And a healthy leftover idea if you would like something a little different, you can opt to make patty melts. Check this one out! Healthy Snack – Almonds With Raisins by Gregory L Gomez Here’s a really easy way to make a travel snack that you can literally take anywhere with you. Since you are able to portion an appropriate amount of almonds and raisins, you will not have to worry about the calorie amount that you are eating. Right around 150 calories is all you will ingest when you pack a small handful of almonds and raisins. A Few Healthy Lunch Ideas for Losing Weight by Benjamin R Ehinger Finding healthy lunch recipes isn’t always easy. Many people end up snacking all day on vending machine garbage or grabbing fast food. Here are a few ways to avoid bad lunches and eat healthy. How To Make A Cake Healthy by Julie Karla When you bake a cake yourself, you control what ingredients you use, so you can make it lower in calories, lower in fat, and even lower in refined sugar. Why not make a healthy cake on Sunday? How To Save Money Making Homemade Chia Seed Drinks by Emily N Morris You’ve seen them in advertisements & in the stores, now learn the money saving benefits of making your own chia seed drinks at home. Get more nutrition, more fiber and more flavor by making great tasting easy drinks yourself. Healthy Meal of the Week 9 With Healthy Leftover Idea by Gregory L Gomez Here’s a healthy, easy way to enjoy lemon baked chicken along with corn on the cob and a tasty salad. Not a bad way to have a meal that a tad under 400 calories. As a healthy leftover meal idea, with any remaining chicken, you can turn that into healthy chicken quesadillas and take that with you to work the following day. Healthy Meal of the Week 8 With Healthy Leftover Idea by Gregory L Gomez Your next healthy meal of the week for the meat lovers out there yet still with a portion size right around 450 calories. As for the healthy leftover idea, if there’s any meat leftover after you and your family eat, you can create wonderful tasting beef bowls which will give you a medely of flavors while at the same time be at a fantastic calorie size for a travel lunch when at work or away from home. Healthy Snack: Cottage Cheese With Peach Slices by Gregory L Gomez Here’s a great healthy snack you can add to your arsenal that’s simple to make yet tastes delicious. When you combine a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with one sliced peach, you’ll have a healthy snack totaling barely 150 calories – 90 for the cottage cheese and 60 for the peach. Give it a try and see what you think. Healthy Meal of the Week 7 by Gregory L Gomez Zucchini Crust Pizza – The most important difference you’ll immediately notice is that there is no dough! That is the number one reason why pizza is so unhealthy to eat on a regular basis. When you get rid of the dough, you are left with sauce cheese and toppings. If you use healthier choices of cheese like Parmesan and low-fat mozzarella, then you’ll have a super healthy dish you won’t feel guilty afterwards about eating. Article List Order: Newest First | Oldest First Previous 1 &hellip, 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 &hellip, 49 Next

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